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EMC Forum 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel  |  16 octombrie 2014
Transforma-ti mediul IT si de business prin solutiile software pentru datacenter- participa la EMC Forum !
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Interactioneaza cu colegii din industrie la EMC Forum! De la tendite si directii in mediul cloud, la studii de caz si discutii interactive, toate sunt acoperite la EMC Forum. Conecteaza-te cu colegi din industrie, invata de la experti, experimenteaza prin demonstratii tehnice live. EMC Forum este cu siguranta timp bine investit, pentru tine.

Brad Amico

Keynote Speaker
Brad Amico

On July 1st 2013 Brad Amico took over the position of Regional Director for Eastern Europe within the TEEAM Region1 of EMC. Amico, age 45, hails from California and graduated from Richmond University in London and California State University Long Beach with degrees in the International Business and Business Marketing respectively. He has sales expertise gained over 23 years in the Technology and IT industries. In that time he has worked in Sales Management at renowned companies all over the world. His career at EMC spans 15 years and encompasses several executive positions. His latest posting was Director of Sales Strategy for the EMEA region, based out of Paris, where he demonstrated his talent as an important member of the European Management team.

Learn more about Brad Amico

Adrian McDonald welcomes you to a bigger and better EMC Forum 2014.

EMC Forum has never been more about you – designed for you, by you and helping redefine your business. Learn more by viewing the video and discovering what’s in store for you at Forum 2014.

Crowne Plaza

Data și locația evenimentului

Locatie si cost: Crowne Plaza, GRATUIT
Address: Bulevardul Poligrafiei 1,Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Telefon: +40 21 224 00


Brad Amico

Brad Amico

Regional Director of Eastern Europe.

On July 1st 2013 Brad Amico took over the position of Regional Director for Eastern Europe within the TEEAM Region of EMC. Amico, age 45, comes from California and graduated Richmond University in London and California State University Long Beach with degrees in International Business and Business Marketing respectively. He gained his sales expertise in more than 23 years in the Technology and IT industries working in Sales Management at renowned companies all over the world. His career at EMC spans 15 years and encompasses several executive positions. His latest posting was Director of Sales Strategy for the EMEA region, based out of Paris, where he demonstrated his talent as an important member of the European Management team.

As a result of strong growth within the TEEAM region, EMC decided to make the high-caliber appointment of Brad Amico to augment the Management team in Vienna, the regional HQ. “It is my aim to drive the development of our high achievement in Eastern Europe and to provide a targeted response to the wishes and questions of our customers,” says Amico.

Brad Amico is married and recently moved to Vienna with his wife and their two children.

Attila Szamos

Attila Szamos

Systems Engineer

Attila Szamos is an IT professional with 7 years of experince in virtualization technologies. He joined VMware in 2013, prior to this he worked for a Hungarian IT integrator company and for SUN Microsystems. His experience includes numerous virtualization projects with design and delivery roles.

Attila has been following the spread of virtualization and related evolving solutions in the Eastern European region. Attila works closely with customers and helps them overcome their business and IT challenges. He is focused on the hottest areas such as Cloud Operations and End-User Computing.

Eduard Gheorghiu

Eduard Gheorghiu

Solutions Architect, Datanet Systems

A Solutions Architect at Datanet Systems, Eduard Gheorghiu is focused on finding the best yet simplest architectures for SP networks and datacenters. With more than 14 years of experience in the industry he holds a CCIE Service Provider certification and also performs as an instructor.

Eduard Gheorghiu

Vlad Biristeica

Senior Solution Architect, S&T Romania

Since the beginning of this year, Vlad Biristeica has started to work for S&T Romania as a Technical Solutions Architect.

Vlad has over 10 years of experience with designing and implementing highly available network systems, data centers and virtualization solutions that include many diverse technologies and capabilities, using multiple topologies.

Prior to joining S&T, Vlad was Senior Consultant - NMS & Data Center Coordinator and Network Management Consultant at DataNet Systems.


16 octombrie 2014


The Software-Defined Data Center: Redefining Your Business

Brad Amico


Diamond partner - VMware
The Future of IT is Software-Defined
Thriving in the Mobile-Cloud Era

Attila Szamos
Systems Engineer

In the mobile-cloud era, billions of new mobile consumers will access millions of new applications and services. The business expectations on IT have grown exponentially and a fundamental change in how IT operates is required. VMware offers IT a unique opportunity to innovate. Instead of being a cost factor, IT becomes a transformative force to the business. In this session we will highlight how successful software-defined enterprises already operate at the speed of the business, reduced their time-to-market for new services by relying on IT instead of bypassing it, and how VMware enabled this transformation.


Diamond Partner - Lenovo
Better Together: The new choice in enterprise

Aurel NetinCountry General Manager, Lenovo Romania and Bulgaria

Lenovo will discuss the growing needs of the current and future datacenter, and how powerful the combination of Lenovo and IBM System x will be in handling this ever dynamic market. Come to hear the exciting news around Lenovo's enterprise strategy and how our broad portfolio of products and solutions can help you grow and address your customers’ pain points.




Software Defined Networking for Datacenter. A simple approach.

Eduard Gheorghiu
Solutions Architect for Service Provider at Datanet Systems

Application Centric Infrastructure - not quite the SDN for Datacenter. The future of networking with ACI is about providing a network that is deployed, monitored, and managed in a fashion that supports software developpers and IT operations along with a rapid application change. ACI does so through the reduction of complexity and a common policy framework that can automate provisioning and managing of resources. We are planning to demystify the architecture and prove how easy is to address a large diversity of customer's requirements for a wide range of implementation scales.

The VCE Experience. Converged Infrastructure as it should be

Wolfgang Boehm

Session Type: Overview

As Converged Infrastructure solutions continue to gain traction in the DataCentre, the market has expanded with different offerings now commonplace. However, true Converged Infrastructure benefits your business in a variety of ways, significantly beyond product integration. At VCE we believe that Converged Infrastructure delivers a different experience that positively affects all areas of a customer’s business, from the speed with which they are able to bring new products to market all the way through to significantly reducing the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and operating the infrastructure. Come and learn about the VCE Experience and understand the differences that make the VCE Vblock the market leading solution.

EMC Big Data: The Path To A Data-Driven Enterprise

Bogdan Dinca

Session Type: Overview

The path to competitive advantage is being able to make predictions from Big Data. Therefore, the more you can build predictive analytics into your business processes, the more data driven and successful your organization will become. Organizations must first identify ripe use cases for Big Data and build out a roadmap for business transformation. Organizations must then take a low risk, best-of-breed approach to quickly transform from a rigid, siloed infrastructure to modern, agile one. In addition to technology, organizations must develop the skills and organizational processes necessary to adopt Big Data and become data-driven.


Redefine Data Protection

Bogdan Stefanescu

Session Type: Overview

Today's IT landscape spans physical to virtual, on premise to cloud, Platform 1 to Platform 3 and everything in between. The only constant is the data. Data protection has never been more important as business transforms across this shifting landscape. Regardless of how much data you have, what applications are creating it or where it resides, all data needs protection. EMC sets the stage for this new data protection reality, one that demands increased user control and visibility, a protection continuum and "as a service" consumption models. Hear how EMC data protection and availability solutions including Avamar, Data Domain, NetWorker, RecoverPoint, VPLEX and more are meeting these requirements.

S & T
Virtual Workspace Infrastructure Redefined

Vlad Biristeica

Security Redefined: Identity Management & Governance

Brana Nikolajevic


Redefine Possible with the XtremIO All-Flash Array. Performance is only the beginning

Ionut Lungu

Infoarchive - easy application decommissioning

Alexandru Lazarescu

Asseco Driving Competitive Advantage with VPLEX for VMware Availability in Volksbank

Cristian Giurgiu
Presales Manager, Asseco SEE Romania


Third Platform Applications: Redefining Workloads And Infrastructure

Dumitru Tarainu

Session Type: Business

Isilon is known for being easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to grow storage. With the introduction of VCE appliance solutions with Isilon, your entire workload becomes a drop-it-in and let it work for you solution! Come learn why VCE and Isilon are poised to deliver you new technologies that finally solve your biggest challenges: Big Data, Data Lake, Extreme VDI, and more.

Redefine Enterprise Storage With VMAX3: EMC Storage Strategy

Puiu Leontescu

Over the past 30 years, as we have transitioned from the mainframe era to the internet era to the recent birth of cloud computing and the explosion of mobile devices, we have seen the number of applications grow from thousands to many millions. This explosion of new and ever diversifying workloads has driven significant innovation in the storage industry. In this session we will examine how EMC’s Storage Strategy has been driven by these market forces. After this session, you will be able to rapidly differentiate between storage offerings from any vendor and have a better understanding on how to match the right EMC storage product for your datacenter.

Life In The FLASH Lane

Bogdan Dinca

What is Flash, and why is it so different? How does it impact existing EMC products and technologies, and how has it enabled a whole new product category? Our customers' applications demand architecture choice; this session looks at Flash across EMC business units, with demonstrations highlighting the advantages of a Hybrid All Flash Array and a Purpose Built All Flash Array.




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Cum redefineste software-ul datacenterul de maine si modul in care facem afaceri, oriunde pe glob?

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